Toro pumps

In response to industry demand for a better serviced process pump

Empathy and energy is at the heart of what Intrax is about. Over decades of listening to the market and while supplying various types of process pumps a common theme emerged: The demand for a centrifugal process pump with the same levels of service and support as other Intrax products

The TORO ANSI and ISO process pumps came about as a result of listening to our customers. Supplied as part of numerous projects around the globe TORO pumps are contributing to delivering on the Intrax promise with the 5-year guarantee Intrax customers have come to expect.

Pump Types
ANSI B73.1 M (ASA 150)
ISO 2858 /5199
Flows to 1150 m3/hr
Heads to 145 m
Liquid Temperatures -210°C to 260°C
Working pressures to 2550 kPa

TORO Pump cutaway

Mechanical Seal Design

We believe an integral approach is essential to ensure a reliable pump operation. As a manufacturer that understands seal design and specifications, TORO pumps are supplied with a reliable-by-design sealing system in either single and double mechanical seals configurations. Mechanical seal criteria for TORO process pumps and why they contribute to reliability:

  • Cartridge design: minimizes installation errors and ensures correct spring tension.
  • Springs outside of the liquid: Avoids clogging or corrosion of spring material.
  • Optimum seal environment to ensure long life. TORO process pumps offer stuffing box alternatives to facilitate an optimum seal life.
  • Monolithic, o'ring dampened seal faces. Ensures reliability even with temperature changes or mechanical shocks.
  • Pressure balanced design. Reduces the effect of hydraulic forces on the seal faces, generating less friction and heat increasing seal life.
  • Non-metallic variants. For highly corrosive materials we offer seal designs with no metallic parts in contact with the fluid.
  • Diamond Encrusted Seal Faces. For abrasive fluid applications where flush is deficient or dry running may occur. Diamond Encrusted Seal Faces heat dissipation properties four times faster than copper and are extremely wear resistant.

Toro Spares Available for Rapid Dispatch - Contact Us Now!

Toro pump spares are proven across a wide range of industries and are dimensionally interchangeable with the following pump brands:

Seepex, Mono, Allweiller, Roto, Borger, Wangen, Vogelsang, Bornemann and Netzsch.

For further information on spares, please click here. Alternatively, contact us now on 0800 118 2500 to discuss your requirements or click here and complete our contact form. Our experienced team are here to provide immediate assistance and we offer rapid dispatch to addresses both here in the UK and across the globe.



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The Toro ANSI pump line has 44 models available to meet the service conditions of a wide range of hydraulic parameters.