Flygt’s range of submersible slurry pumps


A Flygt pump combines world-class technology and experience to provide high quality, reliable slurry pumps for industrial and abrasive dewatering. Most commonly used for industrial dewatering and groundwater control, Flygt pumps are designed for some of the more difficult conditions found in mines, quarries and the construction industries. Submersible slurry pumps are very much a focus for Flygt and, consequently, their products are well suited to most submersible applications. 

The Flygt pumps story started in Sweden in 1901. They are considered to be the first submersible slurry pump manufacturers, launching the first submersible drainage pump in 1947 and the first submersible sewage pump in 1956. They have been at the forefront of industrial submersible pump development ever since, with new products and features continually being launched. 

Atlantic Pumps specialise in Flygt's drainage pump ranges – the 2000 series, 2600 series, 2800 Bibo series and Flygt Ready series. These dewatering pumps have been an industry standard for many years and are ideal solutions for moving dirty and abrasive fluids; even slurry at times. As with all our products, customers turn to us for Flygt pumps when they want consistent, excellent service and industry leading response times. 

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