About us - keeping abrasive fluids moving on quarries and heavy-industry plants

Atlantic Pumps: keeping abrasive fluids moving on quarries and heavy-industry plants

From initial dewatering through every step of aggregate processing and right through to discharge, we know that the movement of abrasive fluids is critical to site performance.

We are the only UK pump manufacturer dedicated to this industry. End-to-end management of quarry water and abrasive fluids within industrial processes is our constant focus.

Right from when it's 20-30% solids through to discharge as good clean water to achieve compliance, movement of fluids requires tailored and effective pumping.

Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team provides honest advice and delivers sound, sensible solutions to your pumping needs that keep downtime to a minimum and save you money.

We understand that your site requires the fastest possible response and the delivery of practical solutions that work.

Industrial Dewatering and Slurry Water Treatment Services:

There are three main areas to the support that we provide:

  • Standalone consultancy, providing assessment and guidance on the management of abrasive fluids within your processes.
  • Supply, installation and servicing of pumps, pump parts, and related equipment to keep your abrasive fluids moving, backed up by a rapid breakdown service.
  • Monitoring, treating and reporting on water quality to ensure compliance

Here at Atlantic, we are also continually investing in facilities, the latest equipment, research and development, staff, and training.

Combined, these factors provide you with a pro-active, trusted, first-class service, dedicated to boosting quarry and plant performance every day.

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Our Values

Genuine care
We want people to feel like it was our privilege to interact with them.

Speed and simplicity
Always looking for ways to speed up processes and make life simple.

Commitment to excellence
In the day to day of our customer relationships.

Do what we say we are going to do
We want the best for all our Stakeholders and believe this takes Courageous Conversations and Accountability.

Humble and hungry
Respect Customers, Colleagues and Suppliers and make decisions sensitive to this.