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Welcome to Atlantic Pumps 

Handling abrasive applications 

Atlantic Pumps was formed and created out of a belief that customers deserved a better pump experience. We understand our customers daily and hourly challenges and then bring sound, sensible solutions to their pumping needs. 

Clients want an instant response 

For most of our clients, their big challenge is downtime - it costs a fortune, it’s very disruptive, it impacts directly on the safe operations on the site. Ultimately it leads to poor customer service for their clients. Often they just won’t get the service support and the backup. Clients want to know that they can get back up and running again and they want somebody to talk to who understands the challenges they’ve got, now, onsite. 

We’ll be there for you 

Because of our customer friendly approach, you can contact us anytime. We’ll often find site managers are dealing with complex information and it’s not meaningful to them. We explain our solutions in a clear and concise way that they can trust. 

Research & development

We’ve got increasing investment in research and development, CAD drawing, manufacturing facilities, where we can bring the latest technologies and the best practices for many different industries into your industry.

Mining, Quarrying, Aggregates, Recycling, Bio-Energy...

In addition to the above industries, Atlantic Pumps also provide pumping solutions for a wealth of applications. A full list can be found here

Making your life easier!

If you’re looking for rapid solutions to your pumping issues, Atlantic Pumps are the people to turn to. You’ll get sound, good quality, trustworthy advice which you’ll get quick. And we save you money! 

Our Values

Innovation and change

We strive to bring fresh ideas and products to the market that help our customers maintain a competitive edge.


We respect our customers, value our suppliers and invest in our team.


We strive to make our customers’ lives easier by simplifying processes and introducing relevant improvements.

Taking an Interest

We understand that every site is unique and seek to have an in-depth understanding of specific needs.


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