Pumps for wash plants

Wash plants are essential in the production of graded, clean aggregates and minerals. They need a consistent amount of process water so efficient pumping and water recycling are vital.

Washing aggregates and ore mining by-products is essential for unlocking the full potential of any mining operation and providing maximum return of saleable material. Water is used to separate mineral fractions and particle sizes which increases the yield whilst reducing wasted resources. The reliable and efficient management of water slurry, which often has a high solid content, is therefore necessary for a profitable aggregate washing process.

Atlantic Pumps has expertise in engineering pump systems and water recycling for wash plant needs. We will design and supply an efficient, cost-effective water-handling solution for your wash plant, so you can minimise maintenance costs and downtime. From bare pumps for wash-plant manufacturers, to fitting a complete water pumping and recycling loop to improve existing wash-plant installations, we can help.

Reduce wash plant downtime and maintenance

We understand how important constant uptime is for your site’s wash-plant and hold a large stock of pump parts for fast turnaround time ensuring downtime is kept to the minimum.

The pump materials and brands we use are tried and tested in the harshest environments and with abrasive slurries found in quarries, aggregate processing plants, and recycling facilities. With excellent service, straightforward advice and technological advancement you can rest assured you have a partner to rely on with Atlantic Pumps.

Recommended pumps and water treatment

Audex: a proven range of submersible pumps suited to moving silt-laden water at consistent volume and pressure. There are standard and high-head versions in many model sizes, focused on the ever-increasing demands of abrasive, dirty water control in wash-plant applications.

EnviroHub: for greater control of water pollution treatment, EnviroHub is a system for filtering turbid liquid and pH treatment of post-wash plant water that can be networked and remotely controlled. EnviroHub provides clean water for continual re-use in the wash-plant, or for permitted release with data logging to protect your business and the environment.

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