Pumps for the aggregate industry

Processing sand, gravel and construction materials requires robust and energy-efficient pumps.

Atlantic Pumps specialise in the manufacture and supply of pumps for abrasive fluids and water management challenges typically found in the Aggregate market, from quarries to processing plants.

Water handling and management is an important part of quarrying, aggregate washing and in the manufacture of mineral based construction materials.  From dewatering a site using submersible pumps and water cleaning for recycling as process production water, Atlantic Pumps have engineered solutions to meet many challenging fluid handling situations. 


Reduce downtime and maintenance 

The aggregate market is the bedrock of sustainable development.  We

understand the need for reliable, hard-working and energy-efficient pumps to meet the pressure of output targets and long-term success.  Reducing plant downtime is always at the forefront of our minds; when designing, specifying and installing pump systems.  When responding to your requests for quotes, technical information, pump spare parts delivery or service engineer site visits, Atlantic Pumps are your responsive local UK aggregate pump partner. 

Our rapid response times and ability to deliver pumps and slurry pump parts on next day delivery keeps us simply ahead. We store a large volume of spares, meaning we can give you what you need, when you need it, at a fair price. 

You can rely on us to supply pumps and site water management equipment of the highest quality and efficiency, whether centrifugal pumps, submersible slurry pumps or a complete washout water cleaning system. By providing complete and reliable solutions, we help reduce waste, pollution risk, maintenance time and running costs for sand, gravel and aggregate plants nationwide.


Recommended brands

  • SlurryPro: ideal for handling aggregate slurry with their rugged and durable design, split casing and options of vertical or horizontal configuration, abrasion-resistant chromium or rubber lined impellers, and an optional sliding base for quick access to wet parts.
  • AudexPro: submersible slurry pumps ideal for abrasive fluids or heavy-duty dirty water pumping.  
  • EnviroHub: Rising to the challenge of clean water discharge and on-site water recycling, this system is built around the need to not only treat industrial process water/contaminated groundwater - but to maintain compliance records and enable remote central control of your pumps and valves.

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