Sustainability is a key part of our commitment to our core markets of mining, quarrying and recycling.

Looking for ways to increase sustainability in your quarry? Read the Guide to Quarry Sustainability (updated for 2023)

These industries provide the foundations of much of our modern world and as a key partner we’ve recognised that we can bring disproportionate sustainability benefits. Of course, we can make commitments within our own company but, by being outward looking and ambitious for our clients, we can massively increase our contribution.

We split our program into four pillars, influenced heavily by our company culture and foundation:

Sustainability - energy


An EnviroHub system featuring an LSM pump
We realise that pumps are one of the world’s biggest users of energy and also account for a huge amount of energy waste. The negative impact high energy usage is well documented, from higher costs through to higher emissions and environmental damage. The world’s resources are under pressure and the last thing anyone wants is wasteful industrial machinery exacerbating this.

We’ve made it a priority to understand and grasp energy waste at site level and we’ve invested a huge amount of time studying and reporting on this. Now, with the results to hand, we are confident we can make it a commitment to reduce pump energy consumption by 20% on the average site.


We believe that innovation is critical to sustainability. No one really believes that we can continue to do what we’ve always done and get the same results. We have a culture of innovation that runs through much of what we do; we believe that the ability to remotely monitor equipment will make the largest contribution to future sustainability. It has the potential to….

  • Radically reduce costs
  • Improve maintenance planning
  • Save time
  • And perhaps biggest of all, transform energy usage

Therefore, our commitment is to introduce a remote monitoring device on all our pumps and offer all clients the ability to use the information to improve their pump efficiencies.

2020 saw Atlantic Pumps develop and introduce EnviroHub to the market - a control system for the quarrying and construction industries to monitor, treat, and report on water quality onsite.

Atlantic Pumps are an accredited ISO 9001 company, an awarding achieved by offering quality products backed by exceptional service and utilising the latest methods and technologies, to minimise customer downtime and maximise efficiencies.

Sustainability - people


People are number one to us and this is what our business was founded on. As our Mission Statement puts it, 'People with a passion to make customer’s lives easier by understanding their needs and delivering solutions'.

sustainability - recycling

In a rapidly changing world there is an ever increasing danger of people being left behind. We’re determined to change this with a great culture of learning and development. Never content with where we’ve got to, our people are always training in new skills, striving to be the very best they can be. And the effect? They spread this around them, improving customer’s skills and hence improving lives. Our programme commitment is to put 100% of our team through a development and improvement course each year and to give 30% of our new job opportunities to young people just leaving education – providing for the future.


This planet’s resources are stretched and under pressure. This is leading companies to innovate more and more in recycling, finding new and sustainable ways to recover materials. We are working on this within our own processes but perhaps our greatest contribution is to helping other companies working on these processes. Many require pumps and need a supplier with an innovative and ‘can do’ approach. If recycling processes can be made more cost effective, the recycling rate will increase, and we’ll create a more sustainable world. We work extensively with sand, gravel, minerals and metal recycling. Our commitment therefore, is to help our customers to recycle twice as much by 2025 then they did in 2015.

Sustainability - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust


Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Atlantic Pumps are working with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on a ground-breaking project to re-introduce two families of beavers into Derbyshire for the first time in 800 years. Beavers play a vital role in the management of wetlands and water courses - in fact, they are like ecosystem engineers. Beavers and the dams and lodges they build have been proven to reduce flooding, protect water courses from erosion, filter out pollutants from rivers and increase diversity.