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Intrax is a global leader in pumps and pumping solutions for abrasive and aggressive industrial applications. We are best known for our excellence in bringing innovative and cost saving ideas to our customers as well as offering unrivalled levels of customer service and responsiveness. The company is registered in the United Kingdom and trades under a number of different styles in different regions and market sectors.


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From the engineering phase to on-site commissioning on the other side of the world, Intrax are able to provide industry specific support for OEMs, engineering companies and end users. 




Intrax tackles aggressive and abrasive pumping challenges that conventional pump manufacturers shy away from. An in-depth cross organizational knowledge of aggressive fluid handling and an association with leading polymer developers and foundries globally provides a level of expertise disproportionate to the individual companies and brands. 



The Intrax companies and brands have truly evolved to relieve customer pain points and hence bring a refreshingly different approach to the rigid stance often taken by market incumbents. Intrax products have also evolved intelligently, influenced by individual customers demands, and this progress is on-going.



Our partners often comment on the energy and motivation within our companies and how enjoyable it makes their interactions with us. We think that this is because of the ethos of our brilliant, highly-trained workforce who have been recruited to deliver cutting-edge solutions without the prejudices of a lifetime of offering conventional and often outdated technology.



A relentless drive to improve on the status quo of high value pump installations. Intrax has a culture of market disruption bringing value to customers, ranging from small, yet significant, product modifications which address regional challenges, to in-depth R&D and new product designs.



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