Slurry hose

Slurry Hose

Which type of slurry hose should you be using for your application?

When it comes to slurry hose, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Here we look at some of the different types of slurry hose available from Atlantic Pumps and the applications they are most commonly used with.


Gromatex Rubber Lined Slurry Hose
Gromatex have developed their range specialising in slurry handling applications across aggregates, mining and mineral processing. Gromatex slurry hose offers the ultimate in toughness and abrasion resistance. This has the potential to give incredible cost savings, both in terms of the replacement costs and, perhaps more importantly, in reduced downtime. More information here.


Wire Armored Suction Hose
Similar to Gromatex, this heavy duty hose is wire reinforced and can be used for pumping water and sewage. Cheaper than Gromatex, it is commonly used in long lengths and is often used with Audex pumps. 


Standard Suction / Delivery Hose
An often used, cost effective flexible pipe that can be used on a wide range of small applications. Made from PVC, it is crush-resistant and has a corrugated outside.


Rigid Polypropylene Pipe
A non-flexible, abrasion resistant type of slurry hose. It is often used in silt pumping and construction projects for below ground drainage. Rigid polypropylene pipe takes up a lot of storage space.


Lay Flat Hosing
A light, portable type of hose that is easy to store, lay flat hosing is suitable for use with submersible water pumps; however. it is not intended for use with abrasive applications. 


Contact Us
All five types of hose are available from Atlantic Pumps usually within 2-3 days. We cut to any length and can supply the couplings and fittings. For further information please call our Sales Team on 0808 501 5841, Monday-Friday, 7.30am-4.30pm or alternatively email us at



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