• Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Re-introducing Beavers To The UK!

      We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on a ground-breaking project to re-introduce 2 families of b...
  • Four Types of Water Pollution Caused by Mining and How Atlantic Pumps Can Help Reduce This

    Mining and quarrying can have negative consequences if handled poorly. The incorrect disposal of water containing pollutants can result in both heavy fines and irreparable harm to a company’s reputation.
  • Atlantic Pump Apprentice Shortlisted For Apprentice Awards

    Atlantic Pumps are delighted to announce that Evan Biggin has been shortlisted for the Sheffield City Region Apprenticeship Awards 2021. Evan, w...
  • Managing Water Use In Quarries

    Water is a hard worker when it comes to quarrying. That’s why you want your water abstraction and usage to be as economical and sustainable as possible. At Atlantic Pumps, we realise that pumps are one of the world’s biggest users of energy and also account for a huge amount of energy waste.
  • Why Is Stagnant Water Bad In Mines And Quarries?

    Walking through water, especially stagnant water, at a mine or quarry could be more hazardous than you might think. Water collects in quarries and mines from both rainfall and groundwater seepage. Stagnation occurs when water stops flowing.
  • Managing Water Use In Mining: An Ultimate Guide

    Sustainability is key in most walks of life these days; whether it is in waste disposal, power or energy. There is little where it is more important than it is in mining, especially when it comes to the way water is used while working.
  • Rubber or High Chrome? When and Why?

      The guidelines for how to specify or review your slurry pump MOC. In industrial processes involving slurry pumps a range of options for MOC (mat...
  • Atlantic Pumps to Move to New Manufacturing and Research Hub!

    Following several years of phenomenal growth, Chesterfield-based Atlantic Pumps are moving to a new 1.25-acre site. The premises will bring togethe...
  • Common Construction Site Water Pollutants and How to Treat Them

    Construction sites are a common source of water pollution. The day-to-day activities on the site will almost always involve chemicals, paint, or waste that is discharged into the surrounding environment after use.
  • What Is Sand Depletion And Why Is It A Bad Thing?

    When thinking about the environmental impact humans have had on the planet, there are many avenues to consider. The major factors that jump into our consciousness are climate change, pollution, and rising sea levels, among much more.
  • Our New Website!

    Atlantic Pumps is delighted to launch our brand-new website with a totally refreshed look and exciting new content.
  • How To Dewater The Site Of A New Mine

    Mines cannot operate without an effective dewatering strategy. If the mine is located below the water table, gravity will cause groundwater to infiltrate the mine's inner workings.