Progressive Cavity Pump spares

Progressive Cavity Pump spares

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Progressive Cavity Pumps and PC Pump Spares: Precision Control in Viscous Fluid Handling

Cavity pump

Why Progressive Cavity Pumps? 

Toro progressive cavity pumps are a highly efficient family of positive displacement-type pumps that are based on the progressing eccentric screw principle invented by René Moineau.

Progressive cavity pumps boast a unique design featuring a helical 'worm' rotor and stator assembly. This creates multiple rotating chambers that progressively push the fluid along the length of the pump, ensuring precise fluid displacement and consistent, controllable flow rates. Higher back-pressure can be overcome by a longer stator and rotor, ensuring the distance and head is achieved.

Positive Displacement at its Best

As positive displacement pumps, PCPs excel in providing steady and non-pulsating fluid delivery. This makes them ideal for applications requiring accurate dosing and reliable performance, ensuring your processes run seamlessly.

Versatility Across Industries

Whether you're in wastewater treatment, energy-generation, chemical or food processing, our progressive cavity pumps are engineered to handle a wide range of fluids with varying viscosities. Count on us for versatile pumping solutions tailored to your site and industry's specific requirements.

PC pumps excel in handling smooth, thick pastes and slurries, where the supply is consistent. Atlantic Pumps has experience in many pump technologies across different challenges, so if PC pumps are not the best thing for your application, we can advise you on your alternate options. Our focus is on reducing your company’s energy use, downtime and lifetime operating costs.

Explore Our PC Pump Spares

Quality Guaranteed and Compatibility

Our PC pump spares are made with precision and adhere to the highest quality standards. From rotors to stators, universal joints and other critical components, we offer spares that ensure longevity and optimal performance for your PC pumps. Our stock range includes genuine Toro spares and after-market parts to fit PCM, Mono, Moyno, Netzsch, Verder Pro and Vogelsang, all with Atlantic Pumps’ famously fast delivery.

Enhance Reliability

Minimise downtime with our range of PC pump spares designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Our commitment to reliability ensures that your operations remain uninterrupted, boosting overall productivity.

Why Choose Atlantic Pumps for Progressive Cavity Pumps and Spares?

Expertise You Can Trust

With a wide range of pump system expertise, we understand the unique challenges faced when pumping difficult slurries. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions that maximise your efficiency and minimise your operational costs.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond delivering reliable products, we offer comprehensive site support services. From installation to ongoing maintenance checks and servicing, our team is here to ensure your equipment operates at its best.

Contact Us

Bring your progressive cavity pump challenges to us; please contact us on 0800 118 2500 or complete our contact form.

Spares List


Actuating Pin For Indicator, Adjusting Handwheel, Adjusting Piece, Adjusting Rod, Adjusting Screw, Adjusting Spindle, Antifriction Bearing, Axial Thrust Plate


Backing Ring, Ball, Bar, Base Frame, Base Plate, Bearing, Bearing Bracket, Bearing Bracket For Close-Coupled Set, Bearing Bracket Frame, Bearing Bracket Housing, Bearing Bush, Bearing Carrier, Bearing Cover, Bearing Frame, Bearing Housing, Bearing Housing Cover, Bearing Housing (Pedestal-Mounted), Bearing Nut, Bearing Pad Carrier, Bearing Part, Bearing Pedestal, Bearing Ring Carrier, Bearing Shell, Bearing Sleeve, Bellow, Bellows Carrier, Belt, Belt Drive, Belt Guard, Belt Pulley, Blade Adjusting Device, Blank Flange, Bolt, Breeches Pipe, Buffer, Bush, Butterfly Valve


Cable Box, Cable Gland, Cable Gland Ring, Cable Grommet, Cable Guard, Can, Canned Motor, Cap, Cardan Joint, Casing Cover, Casing Half, Casing Part, Castle Nut, Ccw Spring, Centering Bolt, Centering Ring, Centering Sleeve, Chain, Chain Guard, Chain Guide, Check Valve, Circlip (Am. Snap Ring), Cladding, Clamp, Clamp Bolt, Clamp Set, Clamping Ring, Clamping Sleeve, Claw Coupling, Close-Coupled Motor, Coating, Cogwheel, Collar Ring, Collar Sleeve, Compensating Disc, Compensator, Condenser, Cone Coupling, Console, Constant Level Oiler, Contact, Container, Cooling Bush, Cooling Coil, Cooling Insert, Counter Thrust Bearing, Counter Thrust Bearing Plate, Counter Thrust Bearing Ring, Coupling, Coupling Bush, Coupling Guard, Coupling Half, Coupling Housing, Coupling Part, Coupling Pin, Coupling Rod, Coupling With Spacer Piece, Cover, Cover For Motor Casing, Cover, Discharge Side, Cup Spring, Cw Spring, Cylindrical Pin


Direction Of Rotation Indicator, Disc, Discharge Branch, Discharge Casing, Distance Piece, Double Thrust Bearing, Drip Tray, Drive, Drive Coupling, Drive Shaft


Elastic Sleeve, End Bearing, End Bearing Cover, Eye Bolt


Fan, Fan Casing, Fan Cover, Felt Ring, Filter, Fitting, Flange, Flange For Universal Joint Shaft, Flanged Motor, Flexible Clamp Ring, Flow Indicator, Flushing Ring, Flywheel, Foot, Foot-Mounted Motor Bracket, Forced Oil Lubricated Bearing, Foundation Bolt


Gasket, Gasket For Suction Casing, Gate Valve, Gear Box, Gear Box Housing, Gear Coupling, Gear Motor, Gland, Gland Packing, Grease Cup, Grease Lubricated Bearing, Grease Nipple, Grease Pump, Grease Regulator, Grease Tray, Grooved Dowel Pin, Grub Screw, Guard Sheet, Guide Bush, Guide For Adjusting Device


Half-Round Head Grooved Pin, Hand Wheel, Heating Element, Heating Jacket, Heating Shell, Helical Rotor, Hexagon Head Bolt, Hexagon Nut, Hexagon Screw, Hollow Pump Shaft, Hollow Shaft, Hollow Shaft Motor, Hollow Top Shaft, Hood, Hose, Hose Coupling, Hose Pipe


Impeller, Impeller Nut, Impeller Screw, Impeller Wear Ring, Indicating Device, Information Plate, Information Plate "Pressure", Information Plate "Start-Up", Information Plate "Suction", Inlet Cone, Insert Ring, Insulation, Intermediate Bearing, Intermediate Coupling, Intermediate Gear, Intermediate Pipe, Intermediate Ring, Intermediate Shaft, Interstage Bush, Interstage Sleeve


Jacking Screw, Joint Bolt, Joint Bush, Joint Clamp, Joint Collar, Joint Oil, Joint Shaft, Joint Sleeve




Labyrinth Disc, Labyrinth Ring, Lantern Ring, Lantern Ring Bush, Lantern Socket, Lever, Liquid Level Indicator, Locating Sleeve, Lock Washer, Locking Plate, Lubricating Disc, Lubricating Ring, Lubricating Sleeve, Lubrication Device, Lubrication Distributor, Lubrication Pipe, Lubrication Pump


Magnetic Coupling, Measuring Device, Mechanical Seal, Mechanical Seal Cover, Mechanical Seal Housing, Mechanical Seal Housing, Mechanical Seal Part, Membrane Coupling, Motor, Motor Bearing Housing, Motor Casing, Motor Filling Pipe, Motor Part, Motor Shaft, Muff Coupling


Name Plate, Needle (Roller) Bearing, Nilos Ring, Non Return Valve, Nut


Oil Cup, Oil Dipstick, Oil Filler Plug, Oil Filter, Oil Level Sight Glass, Oil Level Tube, Oil Pump, Oil Retaining Shield, Oil Retaining Sleeve, Oil Scoop, Oil Sight Gauge, Oil Thrower, O-Ring


Pc-Pump, Pedestal-Mounted Bearing, Pin, Pinion, Pipe, Pipe Clamp, Pipe Connection, Plastic Seal, Plate, Plug, Plug In Shaft, Pressure Casing, Pressure Controller, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Piece, Profile Seal, Pump, Pump Bearing Bracket, Pump Bracket, Pump Casing, Pump Shaft


Quench Seal


Radial Ball Bearing, Radial Roller Bearing, Radial Shaft Seal Ring, Radiator, Rail, Reducing Flange, Regulator, Retainer, Retaining Pin, Retaining Ring, Return Pipe, Reverse Lock, Ring, Ring Lubricated Bearing, Rivet, Rolling Element, Rotating Ring, Rotor, Rotor 1.2436 Gehärtet, Rotor 1.4021, Rotor 1.4462, Rotor 1.4539, Rotor 1.4571, Rotor 1.4571, Rotor 1.4571 Hcp, Rotor 1.4571 Hcp, Rotor 1.7131, Rotor 2.4610, Rotor C45, Rotor Laminations


Safety Clutch, Screw, Screw Plug, Screwed Connection, Screwed Gland, Seal Face Carrier, Seal Ring, Seal Ring, Sealing Cover, Sealing Insert, Sealing Material, Sealing Ring, Sealing System, Sealing Tape, Self Locking Nut, Serrated Lock Washer, Shaft, Shaft Nut, Shaft Protection Tube, Shaft Seal, Shaft Seal Housing, Shaft Seal Part, Shaft Seal Ring, Shaft Sleeve, Shearing Disk, Fix, Shearing Disk, Loose, Shim Plate, Sight Glass, Sight Glass Frame, Single Thrust Bearing, Sleeve, Sleeve Coupling, Sleeve For Joint Bolt, Snap Ring, Sole Plate, Spacer Bush, Spacer Disc, Spacer Ring, Spacer Sleeve, Speed Transmitter, Spherical Bearing, Split Pin, Split Ring, Spool Piece, Spool Piece, Spring, Spring Cage, Spring Disc, Spring Dowel Pin, Spring Retainer, Spring Ring, Stationary Ring, Stationary Ring Seat, Stationary Seal Ring Carrier, Stator, Stator Acm, Stator Au, Stator Baypren, Stator Br, Stator Buna Ap, Stator Buna Cb, Stator Buna Hüls, Stator Butyl, Stator Chemigum, Stator Cr, Stator Csm, Stator Eco, Stator Epdm, Stator Fkm, Stator Fluorel, Stator Fpm, Stator Fsi, Stator Gasket, Outlet-Side, Stator Gasket, Suction-Side, Stator Herclor, Stator Hostaflon, Stator Hycar, Stator Hypalon, Stator Iir, Stator Ir, Stator Keltan, Stator Laminations, Stator Nbr, Stator Neoprene, Stator Nr, Stator Pa 12, Stator Pa 6, Stator Perbunan, Stator Polysar, Stator Pom, Stator Ptfe, Stator Pur, Stator Sbr, Stator Si, Stator Silastic, Stator Silopren, Stator T, Stator Teflon, Stator Thiokol, Stator Tube, Stator Urepan, Stator Viton, Stator Vulkollan, Strainer Insert, Stud Bolt, Stuffing Box, Stuffing Box Casing, Stuffing Box Gland, Stuffing Box Insert, Stuffing Box Packing, Stuffing Box Part, Submersible Motor, Suction Branch, Suction Casing, Suction Casing Cover, Suction Cover, Suction Impeller, Suction Strainer, Support, Support Foot, Support Frame, Support Trestle, Switch


Tap Bolt, Taper Pin, Tension Disc, Tension Ring, Terminal Box, Terminal Plate, Terminal Strip, T-Head Bolt, Thermometer Screw, Thermometer Sleeve, Threaded Bush, Threaded Flange, Threaded Insert, Threaded Ring, Throttle, Throttle Ring, Throttle Sleeve, Thrower, Thrust And Radial Bearing, Thrust Ball Bearing, Thrust Bearing Housing, Thrust Bearing Pad, Thrust Bearing Plate, Thrust Bearing Ring, Thrust Plate Ring, Thrust Ring, Thrust Roller Bearing, Tool, Type Plate


Universal Joint Shaft


Vacuum Breaker Cap, Vacuum Breaker Device, Valve, Valve Ball, Valve Casing, Valve Part, Valve Plate, Valve Seat, Valve Spindle, Valve Spring, V-Belt, V-Belt Pulley, Vent Pipe, Vent Valve


Washer, Water Bowl, Wear Ring, Wedge, Welding Neck Flange, Windings, Wire, Woodruff Key, Worm, Worm Wheel