Sand processing

Whether you are producing sand based products or merely removing sand and other fine particulates from your processes; effective movement and handling is essential.

A major source of sand for any sand processing industry is dredging, and a robust, reinforced centrifugal pump is ideal for these harsh conditions. Whether the aggregate is a mixture of sand and gravel or silt based, our extensive range of reinforced pumps provide the reliability and strength for this application.

By allowing us to help find you the perfect solution to your particular application and environment we help you reduce costs and downtime, increasing the profitability of your sand processing systems. Our expert advice and rapid turnaround make any transitions a breeze. 


Common uses of processed sand:

  • Brick: Manufacturing plants add sand to a mixture of clay and other materials for manufacturing bricks.
  • Mortar: Sand is mixed with cement and sometimes lime to be used in masonry construction.
  • Concrete: Sand is often a principal component of concrete.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing: Commonly known as fracing requires sand to keep open the cracks forced into the drilling medium.
  • Glass: Sand is the principal component in common glass.


Recommended brands 

 SlurryPro: robust and reliable, these pumps have high resistance to abrasive slurries.


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