Varisco water pump

Varisco Pumps are built in Italy to a high specification in order to meet the demands of the environments found in abrasive pumping applications, and function as excellent dirty water pumps.

Centrifugal Pumps

Varisco has an extremely wide range of self-priming centrifugal pumps: 40 models of the J pump in cast iron, stainless steel and bronze for drainage and industry up to 12",  with the ST-R trash pumps up to 8".  

In addition, given their strength and experience in the sector, they have evolved the J family of products to introduce the Z: centrifugal pumps that keep the classic open impeller (with solids handling up to 3") but feature a pumping efficiency over 70%.

Centrifugal and vacuum prime pumps

Vacuum Prime Pumps

Varisco has always offered a wide range of pumps for the well point sector and for drainage that automatically prime and extract air from the system by coupling a self-priming centrifugal J (up to 12") with a high flow vacuum pump. 

The classic product is made from the SIMPLE pumps, with an oil lubricated vacuum prime pump, but over time we have evolved this product in line with the needs of the market and higher environmental awareness. 

Today, even more ecologically sound and higher performing vacuum-assisted units are available, like the ECOMATIC, with an oil recirculation system, and the DUO, with cam vacuum pump without oil: the least amount of maintenance meets maximum performance.