Mechanical seals

Mechanical Seals are the most effective sealing arrangements for slurry pumps.

A mechanical seal consists of two parts, one section is fixed to the shaft, the other fixed to the stationary pump housing. The interface of these two components is the mechanical seal. One of the sections will be fixed in place, while the other will be pushed up to it using a spring-loaded fixing. This allows a tiny amount of liquid, called the fluid film, to flow into the minute space between these two surfaces, creating a seal, but also providing the needed lubrication and cooling.

This liquid between the two faces of the seal can either come from the fluid being pumped or from an external source. There will be some leakage into the dry area of the pump, but as the gap is so small (as narrow as 1 micron) this will be virtually undetectable.

The advantages of using mechanical seals are:

- Cost savings from the reduction in wear to pump parts
- A reduction in down-time because repairs and parts are needed less often
- A reduction in the liquid needed for cooling
- And the prevention of any discernible leakage of the pumped liquid.

The main disadvantage of mechanical seals is their much higher purchase price. However, this is offset by lower running costs and the elimination of any costs associated with leakage. Slurry pumps can be supplied fitted with mechanical seals, or they can easily be retro-fitted.

SlurryPro Mechanical Seals

SlurryPro are a global manufacturer of slurry pumps especially for the mining, quarrying and recycling industries.

SlurryPro focus on providing a better slurry pump experience, including superior wear life, reduced lifetime cost and ease of ongoing maintenance. SlurryPro produce centrifugal slurry pumps in a large range of sizes. Pumps can be supplied with gland packing, expeller seals, or the SlurryPro Mechanical Seal.

SlurryPro Mechanical Seals are available as both single and double seals and are designed to meet the arduous requirements of slurry applications. Large radial clearances and advanced multi-spring design give improved seal face loading and longer seal life. They are supplied as a complete cartridge to ensure they are delivered in pristine condition. 

SlurryPro Mechanical Seals have been developed and are manufactured by a leading mechanical seal manufacturer. This means you have the confidence you are getting a pump designed for your industry, fitted with a seal from a trusted global mechanical seal manufacturer. A winning combination!



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