Anaerobic digestion pumps


Pumps play a key part in the anaerobic digestion process and the need to have equipment of optimal performance is vital. As you will no doubt be aware, costs can mount up considerably across the course of a year with parts and pumps often needing to be replaced due to the nature of digestate. Likewise, site downtime while pumps and parts are replaced means potential output is diminished and man hours wasted. It may seem like this is the industry-norm however Atlantic Pumps have an approach that overcomes these challenges. 

Moving away from familiar manufacturers and changing the type of pump used is paying dividends for operators such as Viridor, Renewi and Biffa.  

Progressive cavity pumps are very effective in many applications and often specified due to their high efficiency. However, in abrasive applications such as on digestate, they very quickly lose their efficiency and wear out. This is because the grinding action destroys the fine tolerances required.   

Alternative solutions such as peristaltic and high chrome centrifugal pumps are highly effective and although the efficiency on paper doesn’t look as good, they outperform progressive cavity pumps due to their increased wear life. By making the switch, companies are experiencing greater site uptime, reduced running costs and lower energy consumption.

Anaerobic Digestion Pumps 

Atlantic Pumps are specialists in pumping abrasive and aggressive fluids and are the manufacturers of both SlurryPro centrifugal pumps and Audex submersible pumps. Atlantic Pumps are also the official UK distributor for one of the world’s leading peristaltic pump manufacturers - LSMAudex, SlurryPro and LSM pumps have all been incorporated on anaerobic digestion sites across the UK with great success.   

Atlantic Pumps was formed and created out of a belief that customers deserved a better pump experience. We understand our customers daily and hourly challenges and bring sound, sensible solutions to their pumping needs. Because of our customer friendly approach, you can contact us anytime. We’ll be there for you.

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