Onsite services

Ensure downtime isn’t an issue on your site!

We offer the following services:

  • Condition monitoring
  • On-site pump repairs
  • Servicing
  • Calibration
  • Shaft alignment

Why choose Atlantic Pumps?

  • We use CheckProof for asset management and job reports.
  • We make it very clear what you do and don’t need to spend money on and ensure that you get the maximum return out of your investment in your pumps.
  • Our team of engineers are trained to service a wide range of pumps and offer fair and honest support.
  • Our vans are fully equipped with the necessary tools and spares allowing our engineers to provide immediate assistance.
  • Our engineers are backed up by huge stock levels at our Chesterfield premises and can bring extra spares to site to avoid unnecessary downtime.
  • We are committed to being the easiest company in the industry to deal with as well as the friendliest!

Don’t Forget: Refurbishments

Our engineers carry out refurbishment work on a wide range of pumps including Linatex and Warman on a daily basis. For further information on refurbishments, please see our dedicated page. Please contact our Sales team for further information and to arrange for collection.

Are Your Pumps Registered on CheckProof?

To keep downtime to a minimum and ensure that we can quickly assist you, Atlantic Pumps partners with CheckProof to record your asset information.

CheckProof is a trusted online platform used in a wide variety of industries across the globe. It is used to manage the maintenance, health, safety, environment, and quality of products onsite – ensuring all asset information is located, and easy accessed in one place.

Adding your pumps to CheckProof couldn’t be simpler. An Atlantic Pumps Engineer will visit your site, gather all of the required information and enter it on to CheckProof for you. We can also recommend any pump improvements that may need to be made too.

Atlantic Pumps also now uses CheckProof for all service maintenance jobs including Condition Monitoring and Strip and Inspection reports.

For further information on CheckProof or to arrange a time for us to visit your site to record you pump details, simply call us on 0800 118 2500. Alternatively, please complete our contact form - a member of the Sales team will get in touch with you shortly. 

Contact Us

For all enquiries, please phone 0800 118 2500 or click here to complete our online enquiry form. For all pump emergencies, please contact us 24/7 via WhatsApp on 0800 118 2500.



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  • Dewatering
  • Dewatering
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