M Range Mini Pumps

M Range Mini Pumps are used extensively in readymix concrete applications. These self-priming pumps are available in stock for next day delivery.

Features and Benefits

Compact design

A single rotor, universal drive coupling enables this pump range to be small in size, whilst the robust construction ensures reliable service.  

Two Mini Pumps

Pumping principle 

The key to this pumping principle is the moving part, known as the rotor and the fixed part, the stator, inside which the rotor rotates. A progressive cavity is formed which progresses pumped liquid towards the discharge end of the pump as the rotor rotates. 

Reliable performance

The Mono M range can satisfy a range of demanding duties, including viscous liquids and random solids. It features an abrasion and chemical resistant stator, a precision-engineered stainless steel rotor, a mechanically sealed drive shaft and a close-grained cast iron pump housing. 

Smooth, silent running 

The pump’s smooth action and resilient rubber stator ensure quiet running - a very desirable feature for domestic installations. 

Positive pumping action 

The progressing cavity principle, as explained above, ensures steady output pressure and non pulsing flow. This is vital in some applications such as pumping heating oil to burner nozzles. 


The M Range pumps are fully self priming and can achieve suction lifts up to 26ft (8m). This allows for accessible mounting, well clear of liquid levels. 

Further Details 

Capacity: Up to 3,130 l/h

Pressure: Up to 3.45 bar 

Temperature: Up to 70C 


M Range Technical Data Sheet