What Is The Best Industrial Submersible Pump?

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Submersible pumps are a specific kind of pump which are designed to work fully submerged in water. The importance of choosing the best industrial submersible pump for your operation can't be overstated. Choosing the wrong pump can not only lead to reduced pumping efficiency but also costs far more to run than it should, completely negating the benefit of any money saved when buying a cheaper option in the first place.


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What To Look Out For In A Submersible Pump

When you're making a submersible pump comparison, there are five key elements to look out for depending on your operation's requirements:

  • Look for a pump with a seal failure device. This device will protect your pump against motor failure and save you money in the long run.
  • Make sure your pump has a double-sheathed cable. This is needed for optimum health and safety, which should always be a priority in industrial settings.
  • Submersible pumps need to be designed to withstand steady use and wear over a number of years. Look for a pump with high chrome or thick section parts, such as impellers and wear plates, that will protect against years of wear and friction, and your submersible pump will last much longer.
  • If you're in need of a pump which can keep solids in suspension, then the best submersible utility pump for you will be one which includes a built-in agitator. If you need a pump that can handle solids such as sand and small stones, you might also want to look for a heavy duty pump built for tougher environments.
  • Look for a submersible pump with a relatively simple design. If the pump is capable of meeting the points above and doing everything you need it to, the fewer excess bells and whistles it has the cheaper it will be to repair and the easier it will be to service.

Why Atlantic Pumps Are A Great Choice

Atlantic Pumps offer only the highest quality submersible pumps chosen to meet these standards, and Audex pumps have been designed with all of these features in mind, as well as rugged design and heavy duty components for withstanding years of use.

We also take a sustainable approach to all of our work, working hard to reduce the energy wastage from our pumps. If you're looking for a supplier who can fit your site with reliable, quality pumps while also reducing energy use by around 20%, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.