Troubleshooting for submersible pumps

troubleshooting for submersible pumps

A guide to common submersible pump problems and how you can overcome them.


Does your pump not start?

  • Check the power supply
  • Check that the fuses haven’t blown and need replacing
  • Is the cable damaged? If so either remove the damaged section or replace it
  • Check that the stator windings haven’t burnt out
  • Examine the impeller to make sure it's not blocked or jammed. If it is then simply clean the wet end out

Pump starts but then stops pumping?

  • The impeller might be blocked or the strainer clogged; both can be overcome by cleaning of the parts
  • Check the discharge the pipe to ensure sure that isn’t blocked
  • The voltage may be either too low or too high in which case contact your power company
  • If the pump is running dry or the water is too warm (above 60 degrees C), turn off the power
  • Is the pump still suitable for the application? Feel free to contact us if you are unsure

Is the pump giving too little output?

  • The impeller rotation may be wrong
  • Check the wear parts and replace them if worn out
  • Examine the discharge pipework and replace if leaking or cracked
  • Another reason why the pump may be giving too little output is if the discharge head is too high; where this is the case, you may need to use a larger pump
  • Check that the pump is submerged in enough water

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