• An Introduction To Construction Site Dewatering

      A construction site may need dewatering if there is excess water which needs to be removed from a site for construction to commence or continue. ...
  • Why Is Stagnant Water Bad In Mines And Quarries?

    Walking through water, especially stagnant water, at a mine or quarry could be more hazardous than you might think. Water collects in quarries and mines from both rainfall and groundwater seepage. Stagnation occurs when water stops flowing.
  • Managing Water Use In Mining: An Ultimate Guide

    Sustainability is key in most walks of life these days; whether it is in waste disposal, power or energy. There is little where it is more important than it is in mining, especially when it comes to the way water is used while working.
  • How To Dewater The Site Of A New Mine

    Mines cannot operate without an effective dewatering strategy. If the mine is located below the water table, gravity will cause groundwater to infiltrate the mine's inner workings.
  • Why You May Need More Than One Pump For Your Filter Press

    Reducing downtime and saving money for our clients has always been at the core of our beliefs at Atlantic Pumps, with a sustainable approach to energy wastage being of the utmost importance. Our filter press solution is a wonderful example of this, and our pump-sets are now in operation across a wealth of sites in the UK.
  • How To Calculate Dewatering Pump Capacity

    It's important to understand how to calculate dewatering pump capacity and how this figure applies to your operations before selecting a dewaterin...