Why You May Need More Than One Pump For Your Filter Press

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Reducing downtime and saving money for our clients has always been at the core of our beliefs at Atlantic Pumps, with a sustainable approach to energy wastage being of the utmost importance. Our filter press solution is a wonderful example of this, and our pump-sets are now in operation across a wealth of sites in the UK. For dual or separate processes and on both a cost and saving basis, it may be a good idea to consider more than one pump type for your quarry.


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A Case Study

First and foremost, bringing in more than one pump could save costs in the long term, as there will always be a replacement available should one breakdown unexpectedly. A regular circumstance, one example comes from a washing systems company, who approached us with a familiar story; their filter press pump solution - a Pemo centrifugal double staged slurry-pump - was regularly wearing out. To refurbish the pump regularly would have cost more than the pump itself, while press-time would often take 90+ minutes, making it an expensive endeavour from multiple sides.

Our Solution

Our low-maintenance solution saves both time and money by using a two-stage pump system. The SlurryPro 4x3 provides a fast fill before high pressure is applied using a progressive cavity pump; meaning that both pumps are doing duties that they are suited for. This is as opposed to the above site's existing pumps, which are not really designed for coping with the huge fluctuation from high flow/low pressure to low flow/high pressure.

The Results

Following build and supply to the trial site, the client confirmed that the two-stage pump was a success and was working without issue. In fact, nine months later and parts were still yet to be replaced, with press time being reduced from 90 to 35 minutes; resulting in reduced overheads because of the reduction in the time for each press cycle to be operational. What's more, because they're using standard pumps that are available off the shelves in Atlantic Pumps's Sheffield factory, spares are readily available.

The first client to use our press pump solution has since gone on to order two more, with all three being supplied to UK-based recycle aggregate plants; not only helping to reduce costs but also the energy used. At Atlantic Pumps, we will continue to work towards energy wastage and promise to reduce this by 20% on the average site. This becomes all the easier by using our two-pump solution.

Contact the experts at Atlantic Pumps to find out more about hybrid solutions and what sort of pump set up could best benefit your bottom line.

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reducing submersible pump downtime guide download