How To Fix A Low Flow Rate In A Peristaltic Pump


Like anything, peristaltic pumps can malfunction from time to time. When this happens, the flow rate may become unstable or may be lower than usual. In turn, this can have a negative effect on productivity.


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Identifying The Issue

There are a variety of reasons why a peristaltic pump might malfunction, but there are steps you can take to identify the issue and resolve it. First, check that the roller heads have not become excessively worn. The pump tubes can start to wear into the material over time, and this will cause the peristaltic motion to be poor. If this is the problem, replacing the roller heads should resolve things. The roller smoothness could also be a cause of problems, so check this by spinning the roller gently with your finger. This could also be a sign that the rollers need to be replaced.

If the roller heads aren’t the issue, the next step should be to check whether the platens are worn, broken, or grooved. The platens are vital for achieving a good peristaltic motion. It’s also important to check that the platen holder and the micro-adjustment lever are both intact.

The next step to getting your peristaltic pump working again is to look at the bends. Make sure that they have a large enough radius. The bends should also be gentle, so replacements may be required if this isn’t the case.

If you still can’t identify the problem, it may be that the pump’s pressure is too high. In this case, a discharge line pressure relief device may be needed. Another issue could be that the peristaltic pump needs a vacuum pump. This will assist when the liquid has a high solids content, which can cause a low flow rate peristaltic pump.

How Atlantic Pumps Can Help

Whatever the problem is with your peristaltic pump, the issue can easily be resolved if you get in touch with Atlantic Pumps. We supply great quality and reliable spare parts for LSM pumps. Alternatively, if failures continue to happen, we can supply a brand new pump with spare parts that are readily available to prevent the same problems reoccurring.

At Atlantic Pumps, we’re proud to take a sustainable approach to our work. We have worked to reduce the energy wastage from pumps, and are now able to reduce energy usage by 20% on the average site. Simply contact us today for more information about our commitment to sustainability.



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