Why Do Some Dirty Water Pumps Fail During Continuous Use?

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A dirty water pump is doubtless an essential part of any mine, quarry, or heavy-industrial setting. They can be prone to failure, however, which can lead to expensive unscheduled downtime, as well as potentially steep repair or replacement costs. Why do these failures happen, and what can you do to better protect your site from their effects?


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The Reasons Water Pumps Fail

One reason that water pumps often fail is simply because they're not designed for constant use. You need to make sure that you have invested in a specifically-marked continuous-use water pump. When a water pump isn't designed for it, overuse will simply lead to parts beginning to wear out. Motors and seals will begin to burn out and fail, because they aren't designed to operate at the capacity you're using them at. A truly heavy-duty dirty water pump will have been designed to handle not only the volume of dirty water you're pumping through it, but also at the consistency required during a constant workload.

Other issues can come into play as well. Phase converters failing is comparatively rare, but it can happen when debris or silt settles in the pipework. Other common problems can be cable damage as a result of standard wear or tear or accidents happening, which can ultimately break the cable seal. Similarly, another common issue is straight-up pipe clogging - dirty water is often full of sometimes quite large chunks of sediment which can cause blockages and damage.

All of these issues can ultimately lead to excess stress being put on components - for example, the pump has to work even harder to force water past a blockage, which in time is going to cause it to burn out.

What Can You Do To Avoid It?

The best way to avoid these issues is by making sure you invest in a heavy-duty dirty water submersible pump that has actually been designed for constant use. At Atlantic Pumps we provide the dirty water pumps that heavy industry can rely on, regardless of application, to provide essential wastewater pumping.

Our Audex range, for example, is a range of submersible pumps with agitators perfectly suitable for handling dirty water pumping requirements. They also have the other dirty water pump benefits of heavy-duty seals, vortex impellers, and replaceable wear plates to make for easier maintenance and improved long-term reliability - all while using up to 20% less energy.

For more information, or to invest in a dirty water pump you can rely on, browse the Atlantic Pumps range today.


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