Common Problems With Dirty Water Pumps and How To Avoid Them

Most dirty water pumps will suffer some sort of problem during their operational lifespan, due to the nature of continuously pumping abrasive material. Whilst they are designed to be extremely heavy-duty, even the best dirty water pump isn't unbreakable, so regular maintenance and an expert eye to keep everything working exactly how it should be is paramount.

Here are some common problems that a pump might face, and what may be done to remedy them.

Pump Is Tripping MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)

A pump that continues to trip its miniature circuit breaker can lead to costly downtime and could result in improper water removal, leading to further problems. There are a few reasons why your pump might be tripping its miniature circuit breaker, but the most common of these is caused by the water itself.

This problem may be a sign that water has made its way inside the winding of the pump, which usually consists of copper wire. Due to the environment usually surrounding dirty water pumps, this can happen at any time. Luckily, it is often possible for a pump specialist to rewind the pump without having to replace the entire apparatus. If the impeller within the pump gets clogged with debris, the pump will trip the MCB and the debris will need to be cleared before the pump can be operated again.

Problems With Pump’s Phase Converter

Over time, a pump phase converter can start to deteriorate and lead to problems ranging all the way from slight power inefficiency and slowing down to total electrical failure, so it is important to take action once you suspect your phase converter might be struggling to handle the load.

Resolving this problem can be as simple as calling in a trusted water pump expert who can overhaul a worn-out phase converter for a fraction of the price of buying a new pump.


One of the most common problems found in pumps is blockages, especially by man-made materials, which have found their way into a water pump for dirty water. Sometimes, this can be a sign that the wrong pump may be being used for the wrong use, but more often than not it will simply be a piece of debris or detritus that has become stuck within the pump.

Unblocking a pump can be dangerous, so it is important to ensure that someone with the right expertise is on-hand to perform any maintenance work, such as removing a blockage.

Dirty water can be abrasive and can damage the inside of a pump. To avoid this, you can use a pump lined with abrasive resistant materials.

Call In The Experts

Regular maintenance of a pump is essential for it to remain in a useable and safe condition, especially when it comes to a continuous use dirty water pumps, which will likely see a staggering volume of water over its lifespan.

By implementing a plan for regular maintenance of your pumps, problems can be spotted and solved before they cause issues to a site's workflow, rather than waiting until everything comes grinding to a halt. By reducing downtime, energy inefficiency and replacement costs, expert pump maintenance really is a win-win.

There are more problems than are listed here that a pump might face during use, which is why Atlantic Pumps focus on rapidly responding to customer requirements and reducing the downtime associated with pump issues.

Atlantic take a sustainable approach to their work, and have been able to reduce energy use by an impressive 20% on the average site, which lead to better costs for the project as well as lower environmental costs.