4 Reasons Why Your Submersible Pump Might Be Tripping Its Circuit Breaker

Submersible pumps are a vital piece of kit for many industries and on many sites. This means that a pump which keeps tripping its circuit breaker is extremely frustrating. Not only does it impact on your workflow, but it also usually includes costly downtime too.

If you are wondering why submersible pump trip situations keep occurring on your site, you are not alone. But what are the 4 main reasons for them?

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One common cause of a submersible pump tripping its breaker can be cracks or leaks in the housing. If your pump's housing is cracked, water could be getting into the pump through these cracks and causing it to short circuit. The same can be happening if you have a leak in your pump which is letting water in.


Another reason a submersible pump tripping circuit breaker event may happen is potential overload. But what does this mean? In simple terms, if your pump is drawing down more current than the breaker has capacity for, then it could cause it to trip out. Essentially, the breaker is doing its job as it detects that too much current is being drawn than it can safely handle.

Failed Seals

The next reason your pump could be tripping its breaker lies in failed mechanical seals. If the seals are perished or loose, then water can make its way into the pump windings. This will cause the breaker to trip until the seal is fixed. You may also find that a worn bearing could be the problem. This may cause the pump shaft to seize and mean that the starting current gets too high for your circuit breaker to handle.

Clogged Impeller

The impeller is a major part of any pump. A clogged impeller, however, will trip out your circuit breaker until it is cleared. Resolving this could be as simple as clearing debris which is clogging the impeller.

Submersible Pump Tripping Breaker? Call Atlantic Pumps

But what if you look into the above reasons and all looks ok? Or what if the issue cannot be repaired? Putting up with a submersible pump which is tripping out regularly is just not feasible. Here at Atlantic Pumps, we can assist by providing expert advice and also help you find a new pump if needed. We work across many industries and always put our customers first.

We also take a sustainable approach to our work and are committed to reducing energy waste from pumps. Our expert knowledge allows us to reduce energy usage by 20% on the average site! Call us today on 0800 118 2500 for more information.

An infographic explaining why your submersible pump might be tripping its circuit breaker

reducing submersible pump downtime guide download