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SlurryPro are committed to the production of high quality spares at fair prices.


Slurry pump parts and spares are available in rubber and high chrome as well as in the unique SlurryPro PPC material which is manufactured here in the UK to incredibly high standards.


These slurry pump parts are also interchangeable with spares for most other slurry pumps and we can guarantee substantial savings in almost every incidence. In addition, we work with our key clients to ensure unrivalled service levels through our unique stock management solutions.

Product Features

  • A complete range of slurry pump parts and spares are available across the full selection of pump sizes
  • Components come in a range of elastomer and hard metal types and materials to suit any application, for maximum abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid delivery times
  • Unique stock solutions
  • Global availability and expertise

SlurryPro 377


SlurryPro 377 material is a high density polymeric with excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical attack. It is available as impeller and volute material in SlurryPro horizontal pumps. It provides an excellent alternative for brines, fluids with crystallization and sludge chemicals, among others. It has the same dimensions as other coating materials such as SlurryPro 360 (rubber) and SlurryPro 331 (long-lasting high chrome) so it is interchangeable without modifying the pump.


Key Points:


  • Temperature range - 100c to 80c
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Low friction coefficient for better pumping efficiency
  • Lightweight and extremely robust
  • FDA approved for contact with food
  • Excellent chemical resistance (ask for specific chemicals)


Contact Us

For further information on slurry pump parts and spares call us now on 0808 501 5841 or complete our enquiry form.