EnviroHub Control Module (CM)

EnviroHub Control Module (CM)

EnviroHub Control Module (CM)

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The EnviroHub Control Module is a miniaturised control panel for use with EnviroHub systems. It can be programmed for a large array of water monitoring and control purposes, and is capable of returning data to central EnviroHub servers.

Control Module Features

  • 2 x pH inputs
  • 1 x Turbidity input
  • 8 x Multipurpose inputs
  • Flow input
  • Temperature input
  • GPS Positioning
  • 8 x Multipurpose outputs
  • Runs on 415v, 230v, 110v, or 12v
  • Long range telemetry capabilities
  • Long range data reporting capabilities

Physical Properties

  • High Strength, waterproof enclosure
  • Dimensions 230x190x80mm without antenna (230x300x80mm with antenna)
  • Mass 2.2kg
  • 1x M20 gland/plug hole
  • 2x M16 gland/plug hole
  • 3x M12 gland/plug hole
  • 1x M10 gland/plug hole