Why Is It Important For Quarries to Encourage Better Environmental Performance?

Sustainability is a hot topic in today’s business environment and being a sustainable business can help to add brand value and increase brand popularity. This in itself is a leading reason for more and more businesses to take a sustainable approach to their work, and this is especially true for the quarrying industry, in which the goal is now not only reduced emissions, but to move towards net zero.

At Atlantic Pumps, we’re no exception. We’ve worked hard to be able to say that we have successfully reduced energy wastage from pumps, reducing energy use by 20% on the average site. You may be wondering, how does quarrying affect the environment? Quarrying is responsible for releasing dangerous greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere. This is why we’ve created this blog post on why quarries need to encourage better environmental performance.

It’s Cost-Effective

At Atlantic Pumps, we believe that encouraging better environmental performance is cost-effective. But if you don’t believe us, believe the sources whose sustainability reports have shown that as a result of environmentally sound improvements, 71% of businesses have projected a reduction in overall running costs.

This is due to the introduction of measures such as replacing diesel pumps with electric, optimising systems to minimise energy use, and using control systems to prevent any dust or contaminated water leaving the site. Each means that quarry companies keep more responsibilities in-house, rather than affecting the environment or their neighbours. They’re feasible measures that can be implemented, and all in all, they lead to both you and the environment benefitting, so where’s the harm?

Better Reputations

It is undeniable that in the news you see more and more cases of companies being named and shamed because of their disastrous environmental policies. As a result of this, such companies have lost out as they’ve fallen out of favour with the more eco-conscious of their clientele. This means that if you promote more environmentally positive reforms inside your company, you’re a lot more likely to retain consumers, and perhaps even gain new ones.

Effects of Quarrying on Water Quality

For quarries, in particular, better environmental policies can lead to higher quality water. This is because you can preserve the natural environment surrounding streams, keeping out harmful contaminants that lead to negative water check results. In addition to this, more stringent environmental measures can also lead to safer waste disposal and higher quality water.

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