What Does Being ISO 14001 Certified Mean For Atlantic Pumps and Our Environment?

Atlantic Pumps are proud to announce that we are now fully ISO 14001 certified, with a wide range of far-reaching environmental management policies to reduce our impact and implement sustainable practices throughout our operations.

What Is The ISO 14001 Standard?

The ISO 14001 standard is an internationally recognised certification that recognises our drive towards sustainable business, showing we are meeting all regulatory and statutory requirements related to environmental management. Only companies who are truly committed to sustainability can achieve ISO 14001 status and there are several commitments we are determined to achieve. ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems and we are proud to now hold this certification at Atlantic Pumps.

A Commitment To Sustainability

At Atlantic Pumps, we pride ourselves on our sustainable approach to our work and we have carefully considered the environmental impact of all aspects of our business. We already hold ISO 9001 certification, and we have further expanded our environmental and social responsibility, including a number of initiatives to further protect the environment. This certification means we are dedicated to reducing our negative impact on the environment and are actively implementing new ways of doing business that is better for the environment.

More Efficient Pump Solutions

We have worked to reduce energy wastage from all of our pumps, with extensive research and development. Our unique approach means we are now able to reduce energy use by 20% on the average site. Using the latest technology and a range of innovative techniques, we have developed a range of pump solutions that can drastically reduce wasted energy, lower costs and increase the efficiency of operations. By optimising their pumps for energy use, companies can reduce the amount of energy they use and reduce their emissions on site too.

Monitoring and Cutting Down Water Pollution

At Atlantic Pumps we have developed our unique EnviroHub environmental control system which can be used to treat, monitor and report the quality of water on sites. It ensures that any water disposed of has been treated and contains no pollution, protecting the local environment and ensuring a company's reputation. Working in partnership with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, we are helping an initiative to reintroduce beavers too, a valuable ally in the health of water systems, who filter out pollutants, prevent erosion and even reduce flooding.

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