Why Choosing The Cheapest Dirty Water Pump Might Be A Mistake

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One of the key pieces of machinery on any type of quarry or construction, industrial or manufacturing site is a dirty water pump. These pumps are essential for yard clearing or pumping out things like wedge pits and sumps. Of course, buying this type of equipment needs to involve careful consideration so you make the right choice. One crucial factor is price. It is possible to buy this piece of kit, which looks efficient, for a low price, but the problem is that looks can often be deceiving! While you might think going for the cheapest makes sense, this is usually not true.


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But why is this?

It Will Cost You More Money In The Long Run

This might sound counter-intuitive - after all, how will a cheap dirty water pump cost more overall if you buy it for less? The simple fact is that a cheap pump will normally cost a lot more in terms of maintenance over its lifetime. When you add this all up, you will soon find that you actually spend far more on a cheap pump than a pump which costs more initially.

Why Does A Cheap Dirty Water Pump Require More Maintenance?

We know that a cheaper pump is likely to cost more over its lifetime, but why is this the case? It often comes down to these cheaper models not being specifically designed to handle dirty water. If your pump is not manufactured to the right spec, then it will fail as soon as you use it for this purpose. Spending a bit more initially on a proper dirty water pump means you get one that is designed to do what you need.

What Other Reasons Are There To Buy A More Expensive Pump?

Perhaps the most obvious one is that a more expensive pump should be built using better materials and to a higher standard. They will often come from top brands who have a reputation for quality. This means that the pump you buy should last longer and you should save money on buying replacements. Buying a more expensive model also means you should see less downtime, which will save your business money.

Furthermore, dirty water pumps are often designed specifically for easy refurbishing, which means lower lifetime costs overall. These types of pumps are also cheaper to run when compared to clean water pumps that wear out quickly if they are used to pump dirty water. This leads to increased energy to run them and higher electricity bills. Cheaper upfront cost does not necessarily translate to lower overall costs.

Buying A Cheaper Dirty Water Pump Is Not Wise

A cheaper pump may be fine if the water you are pumping is already clean, but this generally isn’t the case. Be realistic about how clean you can get your water - keep in mind that clean water on a quarry is not clean water anywhere else.

While the low initial cost of a cheaper pump might seem tempting, the above shows that you should think twice before rushing in. It is actually a better idea to spend a bit more to begin with as it will cost you a lot less in the long term.

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diesel or electric dewatering pumps guide download