Top 3 Pumps Recommended For Quarries

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In the UK alone, there are currently around 1,300 working quarries. The quarrying industry needs incredibly high-performing equipment that can withstand the toughest environments. Quarrying is the process used to procure rock, sand, gravel and other minerals from the earth to utilise them in making materials for construction or other uses. It's vital to choose the best pump to use when completing this work, and high-quality pumps are at the core of our product range. We have compiled the top 3 pump brands we recommend for the mining and quarrying industry.


The SlurryPro is designed to be extremely robust with high tolerances and excellent abrasion resistance. Centrifugal slurry pumps such as this one are used for the heaviest duty applications like wash plant feeds. It can also be used for sand washing and recycling applications. The SlurryPro has a superior wear life as well as easy ongoing maintenance, making it the ultimate slurry pump for the quarry operator.


Audex manufacture industrial submersible and dewatering pumps that have been developed for use in the toughest of environments. Utilised by operators of quarries and mines, Audex pumps give superior quality and performance with reduced downtime. They boast a great range of high-performance pumps for the dewatering, as well as a popular range of agitator submersible pumps for pumping dirty water.

LSM Peristaltic Pumps

LSM Pumps are one of the main manufacturers in the peristaltic pumps industry. Their pumps are renowned worldwide for low energy consumption, easy maintenance and superb quality. LSM pumps are available in a range of different sizes (including the largest peristaltic pump in the world) offering high-pressure pumping, and the ability to run dry and pass large objects. These pumps are used in a range of industries including mining, food, fishing and agriculture. You can also find them used in biogas plants and in the production of concrete.

We take pride in the fact that all of the pumps on this recommended list take a sustainable approach, working to reduce energy wastage. Each pump can reduce energy use by 20% on the average site. If you'd like to find out more about any of our quarry pumps or would like to discuss pump hire, please get in contact with us. We always aim to provide not only the highest quality products but also the highest quality customer service. Let us help your business today.


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