Increase Profitability Through Pumping Efficiently

With the recent surge in energy prices, there is no more urgent time to re-examine your site machinery for efficiency of use. Dewatering and fluid pumping is an area where many quarries, mines and material processing sites can make quick and lasting cost improvements.

Despite the steep rise in raw energy costs (around 55% in the past 2 years for oil fuel), the government has remained determined to move ahead with the next steps of financially incentivising the shift away from fossil fuels to meet climate change targets. Companies who are slow to make the changes will be penalised with excess duty increases, whereas those who take action now will keep ahead of the game both in profits and reputation.

With huge financial and sustainability burdens on energy-dependant industries such as mining, quarrying and building material manufacturers, choosing how to best respond is a big decision and one that needs consideration for both the short and long-term effect on your costs and operations.

Over 85% of the life-time cost of a pump is known to come from the energy costs so choosing a newer, more efficient design that matches its actual work load would be a wise move.

Older machinery that was designed when fuel costs were a third of what they are now are likely to be running at reduced efficiency due to wear and tear from silt and abrasive particles.

Electric or Diesel Powered?

Where site conditions allow, electric machinery is significantly more cost effective to run, especially now that the diesel rebate has been axed. With the focus on cleaner renewables, electricity is also future-proof as more alternative ways to produce it are being developed. 

Advantages of different engine power; diesel and electric:

Electrical machinery

Diesel machinery

Cleaner, no need for ventilation and exhaust

Ideal for remote situations with unreliable electricity supply

Lower running costs

Less cabling, so good for frequent relocation

No contamination/spillage risk

Some faults are easier for non-specialist staff to correct.

Reliable, easy to maintain & monitor




No fuel-theft/bulky storage issues



Arrange a Specialist Site Survey

Hopefully the above information will provide some general pointers on optimising your company’s energy usage, but for a site specific analysis, ask Atlantic Pumps for a costed appraisal and detailed recommendation for reducing your dewatering costs today.