Choosing The Best Quarry Pump: Is Electric Or Diesel Better?

A slurrypro pump showing which is better between electric or diesel quarry pumps

Heavy-duty pumps are a cost-effective and efficient way of managing water on a quarry site, fulfilling a range of duties. Quarry pumps go beyond providing raw water; they’re also useful for truck washing, drainage, slurry transportation, and much more. With this in mind, here’s a guide for deciding between electric or diesel pumps to fulfil these duties.

Diesel Pumps

Diesel pumps were very common for mining operations before red diesel was banned due to their ability to handle water discharge at high volumes. These pumps could be more convenient in certain situations, especially when there’s no on-site power.

Despite a robust design and their traditional use in quarries and mines, diesel pumps aren’t always suitable for quarries. If working on a quarry at a high altitude, the lower pressure may affect a pump’s performance. Diesel pumps also require brief work stoppages at regular intervals for refuelling – especially without larger tanks. On top of this, diesel is becoming more expensive and its applications are less sustainable over time.

Electric Pumps

Electric pumps are fast becoming more prevalent in quarries as they are much cheaper to run, though this can depend upon the practicality of on-site power. By running on electricity, there is no risk of the pumps polluting their surroundings through fuel spillages. Your site can also make use of renewable electricity sources to make sure it uses energy efficiently; electric pumps are also able to operate continuously without refuelling, and are generally more reliable.

With diesel rapidly increasing in cost, installing on-site power can be much cheaper long-term, whilst providing a more reliable energy supply for water abstraction pumps and other solutions. Electric pumps can also handle a high rate of flow – up to 20,000L per minute. Even if a full switch to electricity is untenable, you could still make use of (and benefit from) electrical equipment that’s generator-run.

Which One Is Better?

Making the right choice for your site allows your business to be more sustainable. If you require a continuously operating pump, diesel could be the best choice. However, shifting market conditions mean electrical solutions are becoming more cost-effective.

At Atlantic Pumps, we supply quarry pumps and can help you make the best decision for your particular site – contact us for more information.

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