Optimising Your Pumping Systems For Energy Usage

Industrial pumping systems require a vast amount of energy. If you’re wondering how much energy a pump system uses, they account for almost 20% of the world’s demand for electrical energy, as well as between 25% and 50% of the electrical usage for some applications. Across the European Union, pumps are the largest electricity user in the industry. Both for cost savings and energy efficiency, thinking about pump system optimisation makes sense.

1. Think About Your Savings Potential

A large percentage of pumps, estimated at around 30%, are larger than they need to be. Making changes here could present you with drastic savings. Understand your current pumping system, what waste it’s producing and pressure it’s using, to assess whether it’s the right choice for your application.

2. Choose The Correct Equipment

Various pump technology is available for a range of systems and demands. Become familiar with drive technology, and use the latest EU regulations intended to achieve optimum drive efficiency. Choose equipment that promotes energy efficiency and is appropriately matched to your application.

3. Match The Pump To The System

If you’re aiming to reduce energy costs, choosing the right pump for your requirements and matching it to the system is key. Understand as much as possible about the pump and its pressure and flow to decide if it’s suitable. The pump’s energy use relates directly to pressure and flow, so this is paramount to designing an energy-efficient pumping system.

Ensuring that your pump is correctly specified is vital for energy efficiency because around 85% of the cost of a pump comes from the energy used to run it. Purchase price and maintenance costs only account for 5% and 10% respectively of its lifetime cost. When your pump is incorrectly specified, energy usage and cost will be higher than necessary. If the pump is replaced with a more suitably sized alternative, running costs could lower by 50%.

For pump control system optimisation, work alongside your supervisor to purchase an appropriately sized pump that is suitable for your application. This is a significant step towards sustainability and cost savings. Atlantic Pumps is wholly committed to a sustainable approach. We have worked vigilantly to reduce the energy wastage from pumps in the mining industry – we can reduce energy use on the average site by 20%. This is completely in line with our recently good news - we’ve just achieved our ISO14001 certification!

Our pumps are electric rather than diesel, reducing costs and emissions whilst helping you to achieve maximum efficiency. Contact us for energy-efficient and cost-effective pumping solutions.


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Image Source: Unsplash