Key Things to Check When Your Pump Breaks Down

broken pump

Regardless of pump type, there are a number of key basic things to check should your pump suddenly break down. 


The first thing to check is the running current of the motor. If this is different to usual it could highlight one of several issues at play. Should this be the case, please contact Atlantic Pumps for free immediate advice. 


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When a pump breaks down it may indicate that your pipework is blocked or damaged. Did you know that around 50% of break down calls we receive are due to pipework issues. These issues can often quickly be rectified in-house. 

If you’re using rubber lined pipework, check that sand is not getting under the rubber lining and causing blockages. If this is the case, the pipework will need to be relined or replaced.  

If using a self-priming pump, check the inlet pipework for leaking valves or gaskets and replace if necessary.  


If the pump is hot, the first things to check would be the bearings. In this instance a service engineer should be called. Other factors that can cause a pump to be hot are that the pump is running dry or that there is a blockage. In the vast majority of instances, both issues can be resolved in-house.   

Couplings & Belts 

Drive couplings and belts are also a fairly common reason for a pump to break down. Usually this can be resolved in-house however if not confident, please contact a service engineer.  

Need Help?  

Whether you require rapid advice or assistance, a visit from a service engineer or a planned maintenance schedule, Atlantic Pumps will ensure downtime isn’t a worry at your site. 

To speak to one of our pump specialists call 0808 196 4597 or alternatively please fill in the enquiry form to the left of this article.


diesel or electric dewatering pumps guide download


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