How To Increase The Life Of Your Submersible Pump

In our latest blog post, Bill Noakes of Atlantic Pumps examines six ways to further the lifespan of your submersible pump.


Buy the right pump for the job

One of the problems often encountered by users of pumps in quarries, is that the pumps fail regularly due to the abrasive nature of the fluids being pumped. Often pumps used in quarries are modified versions of pumps developed for other, less aggressive applications. A pump designed for abrasive applications may appear more expensive, but will last much longer, repaying your investment handsomely.


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Keep the submersible pump sufficiently submerged

The clue is in the name. Submersible pumps need to be fully submerged otherwise cavitation can occur due to turbulence near the surface. Being under water also keeps the motor cool and these pumps are obviously not designed to run dry.

Consider using a pump with a pump protector

Some industrial-grade submersible pumps, such as Audex, are built with the ability to incorporate a Pump Protector. This device detects any moisture coming through the primary seal and shuts the pump down before any expensive damage is done to the pump. You then only need to replace the seal, avoiding the expense and downtime of a full rewind.

Regular service, maintenance and repair

This is an effective way of keeping your pumps in good working order, but with many plants today running on minimal staff levels, pumps can often be forgotten about until they suddenly stop working. In industrial situations pumping large volumes and sometimes abrasive liquids, it is important to replace wear parts regularly and keep to the service schedule.

Avoid debris

Debris can block up the water inlet or clog up the impeller, causing damage to the pump or motor burn-out. Mount the pump far enough from the lagoon or sump bottom to avoid picking up dirt or debris. If your water level is dropping, ensure the pump is deactivated before the pump stirs up the bottom.

Use a pro-active pump supplier

Using a supplier who can react fast to your servicing or parts needs will ensure problems are attended to before things deteriorate. And a good supplier should specify an appropriate pump in the first place which will always last longer than a less suitable pump chosen because it appeared cheaper.

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