Cleaning out the materials that have spilt into your conveyor pit must be one of the most hated tasks on the ready-mix plant.

Difficult access, out of hours working, shoveling into a bucket from a confined space.

The team at Atlantic Pumps visit ready-mix sites up and down the country every day, and are often regaled with tales of frustration at this essential but awkward task.

More than just an inconvenience, there is a cost involved, from downtime, out-of-hours working and lost production. As well as the potential health and safety hazards.


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So maybe we could share a technique which has radically transformed this task for one of our customers.

Rather than shoveling out the bottom of the pit, this site sent down a high pressure hose and an Audex AW submersible pump. The single operator was then able to effortlessly hose down the accumulated spillages, and the AW pump made light work of disposing the silt-laden water with up to 20mm aggregates. No back-breaking shoveling, a job done in half the time, the result was a clean and tidy conveyor pit and a more productive plant.

Audex AW submersible dewatering pumps are predominantly used as contractor pumps for site drainage duties. A chromium-iron solids handling impeller is fitted as standard and offers excellent wear resistance on applications where the water contains sand and silt in suspension, thus maintaining performance and reliability.

Key benefits of using this approach

- A labour-intensive task made easier
- Reduced health and safety risks
- Keep on top of build-up to stop potential break downs
- Access to conveyor maintenance made easier

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