Toro T-Line Series

Toro T-Line Series

Toro T-Line Series

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Toro T-Line pumps series feature a compact and robust design with a double ball bearings support including an oil lubricated mechanical seal in its interior. A dual cardan shaft with needle roller bearings drives the transmission, and since it is a hydraulic system, we opt for stator/rotor geometries which enable large solid passage featuring high wear resistance.

The design of this unit has also been optimized to reduce the time for maintenance tasks including a quick disassembling system. The motor/reducer drive is completely IEC standardized, which not only hastens tasks but also guarantees parts replacement at a fair market pricing.

Designed and manufactured in the EU, Toro proudly introduces a highly mechanical robust product, outstanding reliability with low maintenance costs. We provide a first-rate product not commonly found in the sector, backed with exceptional lead times.

Toro T-Line pumps are manufactured in Spain and powered by Kronoa.



Toro T-Line Series Guide

S30 27-06 Data Sheet
S30 64-06 Data Sheet
S50 225-06 Data Sheet



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