The Senteos logo for Atlantic Pumps


Senteos – enabling remote monitoring and control of equipment even in the toughest and remote of environments


Senteos is a cloud-based data and systems management tool. It was built from the ground up to deliver hyper-efficient data collection, transmission, processing and display, in even the toughest and most remote of environments.

Initially developed from the requirements of remote quarrying sites, the Senteos Engine has since grown into a flexible system that can collect and display data from a wide range of sources and can provide user alerts and/or control.

The Senteos portal can also now send SMS alerts to users who have their mobile number registered.

How it Works:

Data is collected from sensors, probes and other devices in the field and transmitted to the Senteos Engine, where it is displayed on the portal in graphical format. Where the data reported is of a critical nature, ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ limits can be set on the portal for both display purposes and for sending out user alerts. Alerts and control functions (e.g. pump shutdown) can be triggered when a soft limit is breached, ensuring that you are always in control of your site discharges and will never unknowingly discharge potentially polluted water.

The structure of the system has been developed to be as lightweight as possible, meaning that your historical data can be stored securely and retrievably, but with a much smaller environmental footprint than most competing systems. Historical data can also be downloaded and stored in both PDF and CSV formats.