Newly launched program


man leaning on pump

Starting at a new company can often be a daunting experience but for Atlantic’s most recent recruit it’s been a much easier process thanks to a newly launched educational initiative.

Damon Bricknell, who joined Atlantic Pumps at the start of August as an Assistant Sales Coordinator has become the first member of the Atlantic team to benefit from the Intrax Academy.

 The academy is a program of modules designed to equip staff with the necessary industry know-how and skills that can be applied in the office, workshop and on site; a complete understanding that will allow them to carry out their daily pump-related operations to an exceptionally high standard. 

 The academy’s comprehensive program combines practical and theoretical modules written by experienced industry experts. The program takes in customer care, pumps and related equipment and is based around the core Intrax brands - Audex, SlurryPro and Gromatex.

 One such contributor to the academy’s modules is Atlantic’s European Business Manager, Mark Attride, who has many years’ experience working in the industry. “It has been interesting putting together pump training programs for new people joining Atlantic Pumps” said Mr Attride. “This is initially an introduction to pumping and Atlantic Pumps and will give a foundation for their future development in the industry”.

 Talking about using the Academy, Damon said, “I feel it has kick-started and sped up my acquisition of pumping knowledge, in particular, which type of pumps are used in certain applications and why. Obviously, this understanding would have been picked up over time anyway, but the huge advantage with the academy program is that it gives you the ability to have in depth conversations with customers at an earlier stage”.

 Although currently an internal program, it is hoped that over the coming year, the Academy can be expanded and rolled-out for use by distributors and those in the industry looking to further their understanding of pumps and pump related matters.