Finance and payment

large pump


We understand that pumps can be a large but essential capital purchase, and that there can be complications when obtaining approval for such capital expenditure.

With this in mind you might like to consider our lease rental option.

The lease rental option is available through a reputable UK-based financing company and is a tax efficient and cost effective alternative to obtaining capex, paying by cash or using a bank overdraft facility.

The option allows you to make the most of your budget by spreading the cost over 2 or 3 years and acquire the solution that meets your needs fully, rather than that which your capex budget dictates.

Furthermore, repayments are 100% tax allowable meaning they come out of your revenue budget rather than your capex budget. It's the only way a project can be fully offset against taxable profit and makes leasing the most tax efficient method of financing.

In addition to leasing, Atlantic Pumps also offer hire if your requirements are more short term.

For all pump leasing and hire enquiries, please contact on Sales team on +44 (0)800 118 2500 or click here to complete our enquiry form.