water cooling tower

Managing the unwanted by-products of electricity generation requires effective pump technology.

Residual ash from coal fired power stations needs collecting and transferring, and we have a range of high quality, long lasting slurry pumps for this application. They’re also commonly used in coal fired power stations. Limestone is rained in at the top of the towers to extract sulphur and the by-products at the end of this process are pumped away using high performance slurry pumps or armoured pumps. 

Reduce downtime and maintenance

 Atlantic Pumps promises rapid turnaround times on new projects and slurry pump parts. We have a large stock of spares available on next day delivery, so you can rest assured you have access to the pumps or parts you need without the inflated price tag.

 You can rely on us to supply slurry pumps of the highest quality. By providing a product you can rely on, we can help reduce your maintenance costs.

 Recommended brands 

  • SlurryPro: a range of slurry pumps that boasts extremely robust design, with excellent reliability and super duty.

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