Why Is Silt Pumping Important?

When it comes to approaching a new project or evaluating your current project demands, you might be questioning the importance of silt pumping to an operation and wondering how much impact it could have on your sustainability.

This blog will explore what silt pumping means, the best types of pumps to pump silt away, and the importance of silt pumping.

What Is Silt Pumping?

Silt pumping is an essential aspect of many applications, including dredging work. Dredging is the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, and harbours. It can also refer to the build-up of silt in quarry lagoons.

It is a necessary routine for waterways worldwide because the process of sedimentation (the natural downstream washing of sand and silt) fills waterbeds and can cause widespread shallowing. Dredging maintains channel depth and silt pumping removes the sediment from the water.

Why Is Silt Pumping Important?

Removal of silt is important when the breakdown of dead plant matter and other organic material together with run-off from nearby fields creates a build-up on a lake, pond, or riverbed which can lead to significant consequences for the water’s future and the animals living inside it.

Silt build-up will ultimately lead to a reduction in the water’s depth, meaning that areas with higher silt levels will be at a higher risk of flooding.

What Are The Best Silt Pumps?

Silt pumping is best using a centrifugal slurry pump such as SlurryPro which are extremely robust and durable, boasting exceptional tolerance to extensive pumping and high resistance to abrasion.

Alternatively, you may also find that silt with high solid contents can be pumped using a peristaltic pump such as the LSM. These reversible self-priming pumps have a much lower energy consumption than other silt pumping equipment.

Atlantic Pumps is a pumping equipment distributor and service based in Chesterfield, England. We take a sustainable approach to our work and we have worked to reduce energy wastage from pumps. Through dedicated design and innovation, we are now able to reduce energy use by 20% on the average site.

Silt pumping industries provide the foundations for much of our modern world. Through Atlantic Pumps’s sustainability programmes, we can ensure that previously disproportionate sustainability benefits are evened out through the community.

We are outward-looking and ambitious for our clients, driven to and capable of massively increasing our contribution to sustainable silt pumping. If you are interested in silt pump hire, get in touch with our team today.

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