What you should be aware of before purchasing water pumps

When purchasing any product, there are certain factors you need to consider in order to get the best solution for your needs. Water pumps have a variety of purposes in quarries, making them an important apparatus - they provide vital water extraction, where water is moved from one area to another, and can be recycled and reused elsewhere, such as washing aggregates or managing dust suppression. Below are 3 things to consider before purchasing one for your site.

1. What Are You Pumping?

Water pumps are designed specifically for the fluid they are pumping, including water, sand, or slurry. Since their design varies depending on their use, it's important to know which water pump you need to get the intended job done.

For example, if you wanted to extract dirty water from your quarry, you would need a specific pump for this. If a regular pump were used for dirty water, the impeller and liners would not be equipped to handle it and it would begin to break down, so it's very important to know what you are dealing with to avoid paying unnecessary repair costs. You also need to consider how far and how high you need to pump the water. This determines how powerful a pump you require. The more bends in your pipework, the more friction there will be which will require more pressure to overcome.

2. The Quality of The Pump

Considering the brand of your water pump is crucial. You want your pump to be long-lasting and resistant to breaking down after prolonged usage as we rely on water pumps to function on a regular basis.

Many times people wonder, how often does a water pump need to be replaced? The answer to this varies depending on the type of water pump you choose and what you're using it for, which is why choosing a high-quality pump is so beneficial.

Here at Atlantic Pumps, we offer high-quality pumps that will last longer and break down less often. Even though our pumps may be considered more expensive, it will be worth it in the long run rather than purchasing a cheap pump that will need constant maintenance and need to be replaced more often.

Our pumps also require less energy and we have worked hard to reduce their energy wastage - a reduction of 20% on an average site means they're now much more sustainable.

3. Flow Rate and Size of The Inlet

Water management involves controlling the movement of water and maximising beneficial use. Your water pump can contribute to this by making sure water wastage is reduced to a minimum and limiting damage to your quarry.

When considering purchasing a water pump, you need to take into consideration factors such as the flow rate, which describes the effectiveness of the pump. A high flow rate indicates it can pump a high amount of water per minute, putting it to maximum use.

It's also ideal to consider the size of the inlet. This determines the amount of water a pump can extract, therefore the bigger the inlet on your water pump, the higher amount of water it will pump out and at a faster rate, increasing efficiency and reducing water wastage.

If you're looking for a high-quality and sustainable water pump for your quarry, get in touch with us at Atlantic Pumps today.