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Slurry pump manufacturer, SlurryPro have taken yet another impressive step forwards in the industry after seeing four of their pumps included in a major new project at a key UK quarry.

The bespoke SlurryPro Silver Series 6x4, 8x6, 10x8 and 12x10 heavy duty slurry pumps will sit right at the heart of the new wash plant serving an expanding quarry on the edge of Heathrow Airport. All four built-up pumps were custom designed for a UK-based wash plant manufacturer.

Heathrow Airport is one of the UK’s most critical infrastructure assets, and billions of pounds of investment is planned for the area in the coming years. Not only the proposed new runway, but continuing terminal redevelopments and new transport links will see large demands for quality aggregate.

For SlurryPro, the inclusion of the pumps at such a key site is further confirmation of the company’s reputation for producing pumps of superior wear life, reduced lifetime costs and ease of ongoing maintenance.

“Building work at one of the world’s busiest airports brings a whole new dimension to the value of downtime” said Atlantic Pumps Marketing Manager, Bill Noakes.

“Having reliable equipment backed up by proactive suppliers is essential, not just to construction contractors, but to their suppliers. Atlantic Pumps have a relentless focus on reducing downtime for their customers.”

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