Audex has today strengthened its AW range with the launch of a further four new submersible slurry pumps.

Now in stock at Atlantic Pumps, the new 3-8” slurry pumps build upon the success of the popular AW 2-040 and AW 3-075 dewatering pumps launched late last year.

The AW 3-400, 4-600, 6-900 and 8-2200 can be used in a wide range of industries including civil engineering, mining, quarrying and sewage treatment and are capable of pumping sludge, liquids containing mud and bentonite.


diesel or electric dewatering pumps


The four extra powered submersible slurry pumps feature an agitator and are slim in design with a top discharge enabling installation in smaller casing plus a 4-pole motor for an increased lifetime and greater convenience.

Talking about the release of the four new Audex AW pumps, Atlantic Pumps Managing Director Andy Smith said “We are very excited about this latest addition to the range. Having spoken to a few customers about them, we are confident they are filling a current gap in the market and will be key to further saving our customers money through exceptional wear life”.

Audex are one of the fastest growing manufacturers of submersible slurry pumps in the world, and these four new additions to their range demonstrate yet again the company’s commitment to producing quality, reliable slurry pumps at reasonable prices.

For further information on the AW range and the four new pumps, please complete the enquiry form to the left of this article or call Atlantic Pumps on 0808 196 4938.

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