EnviroHub to Enter Construction Industry Thanks to Partnership with RVT Group

Following a successful launch to the quarrying industry just over 18 months ago, the rapid growth and relentless demand for EnviroHub looks set to continue in 2022 as the water control monitoring system is made available to the UK construction industry.

With sites now required to provide proof of safe water disposal and water quality checks routinely being carried out by the Environment Agency and SEPA, a robust monitoring system such as EnviroHub plays a vital role.

In addition to monitoring and reporting water quality onsite, EnviroHub can inform the site if the water is unsafe to be disposed of and can automatically intervene.

Furthermore, the relevant system ensures that any water the site is to dispose of is treated and is free from pollutants.

Disposing of water that contains pollutants can result in heavy fines and can damage a company’s reputation.

The arrival of EnviroHub in the construction market is thanks to an agreement between brand owners Atlantic Pumps and RVT Group.

RVT provide specialist hire equipment to help monitor and manage dust, fumes, noise, water and climate control on site and the company will be carrying the full range of EnviroHub equipment.

“The addition of EnviroHub to our offering is a natural fit” said RVT Director Tim Dupont. “It further supports our company vision to achieve a world where the impact of site work on life, health and the environment is effectively zero”.

RVT’s experience of working with the construction industry combined with their exceptional expertise and outstanding service makes them the perfect partner to help take the brand to the next level, firmly establish its place in the industry and most importantly, help sites meet their environmental obligations.

Talking about the partnership, Atlantic Pumps Managing Director Andy Smith said, “We are delighted to be working so closely with RVT – they are undoubtedly the market leaders in specialist environmental equipment hire within the UK construction sector ”.

To contact RVT to discuss EnviroHub for your construction site please call 0808 178 3286 or click here to access their website.

To discuss water treatment solutions for your quarry, please contact Atlantic Pumps on 0800 118 2500.