Using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pump parts for your slurry pump and submersible slurry pumps can be key to minimising lifetime costs. Below we give you some tips on how to ensure you are getting the quality you deserve.


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Is the company you are buying from only interested in selling parts?

A good supplier will go beyond sales, provide you with application expertise and be willing to help you resolve any pump issues you may have.

Does your current supplier offer a complete range of stock and rapid lead times?

A trusted supplier will have invested in comprehensive stock levels on-site and be able to supply you at short notice, offering same day dispatch where possible.

Does the supplier offer a range of different materials for different applications?

It is important you are supplied what is suitable for your application, rather than just what was in stock at the time.

Are they able to provide you with metallurgy details?

Selling pumps is one thing, knowing how a pump and or parts will react to the application is another. Your supplier should have a full understanding of whether a pump or part is suitable.

Do they provide manuals and spares information?

Ensuring you have the correct information to hand is just as important for your colleagues or sub-contractors, this is a key factor in reducing down-time.

Do they offer an online resource for tracking and ordering spares?

Maintaining a high level of service is essential. A tool such as the Pump Register allows the supplier and yourself to monitor all of your pumps in one place, identify when services are required, when parts need replacing and more.


The costs associated with getting parts wrong for your slurry pump or submersible slurry pump wrong can be horrific. Make sure you always discuss your full requirements with a pump expert.