With so many submersible slurry pumps available, when it comes to purchasing one for your site, the choice can often appear bewildering. Atlantic Pumps Sales Representatives are always on hand to help you and to ensure that you’re purchasing the correct pump for your needs and not spending money unnecessarily. Here our Operations Manager, Ed Smith, lists the key considerations when looking to purchase an industrial submersible pump:

1. What is the vertical head that it is pumping?

This is the maximum vertical distance of the pipework, measured from the surface of the water to the highest point in the pipework.

2. What is the friction loss of your pipework?

This depends on the length and diameter of your pipework, and the number of bends the liquid travels through. Also the higher the flow rate, the higher the friction.

3. What flow rate do you require?

This is the amount of fluid you want to move measured in litres per minute (or equivalent.)

4. What sort of fluid are you transferring?

Does it contain any solids, silt, is it acidic, what sort of temperature is it?

5. What about the control panel?

Depending on the size of the industrial submersible pump, you may need to consider what sort of control panel you’d require. Larger pumps may require a soft start panel to prevent large energy spikes on start up.

6. How will you mount the pump?

With larger submersible slurry pumps, you can either hang them off a gantry or mount them in a pontoon. Or smaller applications, they may just sit in the bottom of a sump on the floor.


Atlantic Pumps stock a wide range of submersible slurry pumps including Audex, Flygt Pumps and JS Pump. For further information on any industrial submersible pump or manufacturers, call our sales representatives on 0114 229 3144 or complete the Enquiry Form to the left of this article.