slurry pump

Our latest blog post looks at the necessary steps to follow to ensure your pump doesn’t fail on start-up.

Commissioning slurry pumps is a very important subject. We’ve previously had quarries contact us who have installed pumps themselves, only to see the pump fail on start-up for one reason or another.


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Should you wish us to commission a slurry pump, or slurry pumps, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Of course, you may wish to undertake this task yourself. In this case, prior to start-up, ensure you have followed these steps:

  1. Check all your fixings are tight. Ensure pump turns freely before attaching drive.
  2. Check the rotation of the motor prior to fitting the belts. This is critical; if the rotation is wrong, the impeller will potentially unwind itself and damage the pump on start up.
  3. Check all your belts and pulleys are correctly tensioned.
  4. Ensure the seal chamber and the bearings are greased.
  5. Once the pump is started you’d need to adjust the gland packing. There should be a small amount of leakage in order to keep the gland packing lubricated.

For assistance with the commissioning of slurry pumps, or for all other enquiries including pump servicing and replacement slurry pump parts, please contact us on 0114 229 3144. Alternatively, you can email us at or complete the Enquiry Form to the left of this article.