Case Studies

Wash plant pit transformed thanks to the introduction of Audex AW 4-600


In February 2018 we received a call from Ben Strickland, Quarry Manager at Smiths Bletchington in Oxfordshire.

The site had been experiencing problems for over two years with the vertical pump that they had had installed under their wash plant. Mr. Strickland informed us that his team regularly had to enter and clear the pit in addition to replacing parts.

A site visit by Atlantic Pumps a few days later found that the fluid was not being agitated in the sump and due to the design, was difficult to install a stirrer.

mechanical seals for slurry pumps guide

We recommended installation of an Audex AW 4-600. The pump has inbuilt agitators which helps break up solids and are also much easier to install. Featuring a 4-pole motor for an increased lifetime, the pump internals i.e. impeller wear plate and agitator are made from high-chrome for ultimate wear life.

Thanks to the large stocks available at our Sheffield factory, we were able to dispatch the pump to Smiths Bletchington and for it to be operational in under a week.

Replacing the vertical pump with the Audex AW 4-600 has transformed the wash plant pit and the pump continues to operate without problem to date.

Furthermore, Mr. Strickland’s team has not had to enter the pit since the pump was installed, thus reducing site downtime and providing a cleaner and safer working environment.